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A few week ago I had the opportunity to go to Nor-cal to Bugs techday, Had a blast while I was there, anyway, Tim was able to weld on a foot to my kickstand so it would not sink into the sand here in the high desert, that being said after I came home I decided to fix the wobbly ks, so I just sat there and wondered how can I get it right.

I found that in taking it apart, the width of the slot on the kickstand itself was wider than the part that it fits on the frame, so I forced it together so the fit was a little bit tighter, that seamed to help but not enough.

Next I saw that the ks was not hitting the stop that keeps it from stopping, and thus it was hitting the swingarm and putting a gash in it, this was like this from the po wrecking it.


I thought about welding a nubbin on the ks, but that would require money, so out came the drill press, and tap, found a screw that fit the tap and proceded to create a mess.

bolt head acts as a stop and can be adjusted

In the upright position

and again in the upright position

So now the ks does not hit the swingarm at all:)


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Your solution is a lot more elegant than mine. I just used brute force to bend everything out. When I was done, it sprung back. Have about 1/2" of clearance now. I was getting a pretty good groove in my swingarm.

Good work, there! I recommend everybody who has this problem do it the way rwquiring did, not the way I did.

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