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my '89 Tengai is equipped with some non-original rear shock absorber. The absorber was obviously ment for different motorcycle, because it doesn't fit the frame very well. But what's even more important, the absorber is quite worn and doesn't work well. So I'm looking for the replacement.

I need to mention that I live in Europe and since KLR has never been so popular here as it is in US, the selection is limited.

My question is - are rear shocks for KLR 600 and early KLR650 interchangeable? I was able to find some OEM shocks for 600 and some for 2nd gen 650, but for 1st gen 650, I found only YSS shock. Does anybody have experience with this manufacturer?

Or could you recommend me some of the shocks available in US? I'd prefer to buy it in Europe (because toll and tax makes goods from US rather expensive for me), but it's also an option.

Thank you in advance!

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