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Hallo everyone, this is my second post about electricals problems.

One day the bike suddenly had no spark. I Swapped cdi and the pulse coil thing from a working KLR and still nothing. The dpo have made changes on the wiring and i think he bypassed all the safety switches. i have attached the wireness diagram and the changes he made.

I have checked the Black/yellow and Black wires from the cdi to the coil and i dont get 12V . i get random numbers on the meter, from 12 volt and while i keep cranking it goes down to 2-3.

Is there a chance that the stator is not turning properly so i get no power to the cdi ? Can i get power straight from the Battery to the cdi ( red wire i guess ) to check if i have spark ? Or will i burn the cdi ?the ohms of the pulse coil is 130 .

I have read several posts about no spark problems and its been allready a month that the bike is sitting on the garage. All ideas are so welcome :) thx in advance


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