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Very new here, so pardon me if I am asking a question asked before - I did try a search and found nada.
The latest KLR acquisition is a 1995 C Model. Apart from the different width forks, top frame and body work, does anyone know what other parts swap over? We have a 1989 A Model and a 92? B Model minus top end.
For example can I put the Tengai wheels with road tyres on the C Model for road riding and vice versa? Chain and sprockets look the same, but the brakes appear different.
Also, from sight (haven't pulled it off yet) the carby looks the same, but I read its different - the only manuals I can seem to get hold of (of which I have all the pdfs) are the A's and the KLXs. Anyone help here?
Probably redo the electrics and fit a different dash which means modifying the headlight fairing, so wiring diagrams would be helpful, though not essential as its pretty basic looking on this bike - except for the extra plug on the radiator which is not on the A and B - is this essential?
Any help would be much appreciated.:)

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Plus model confusion!

You see the problem is that I am not really sure what bike I even have.
The bike was sold to me as a KLR 650 C1 1995. Every image I have ever seen with regards to the C shows my bike.
The problem started when I transferred the registration to my name. The rego papers read model KLX 692A. WTF? The bike does not look like a KLX, until I start looking at the American KLX650 C3.
Are these bikes identical? The VIN starts with JKAKLEC1.... that would make it the C1 Yes?
It has all the typical differences stated about the C forks etc (yes I too have read the online faq, and even threads here that talk about the C model).
I just need to know what parts to buy, what parts I can use from A and B models I have, and to begin with I need to know what kind of bike I have!


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The C model has:

Better front brakes: Twin-pot caliper.
Needs better brakes because it has a dry weight of 370 lbs (vs. 337 lbs for the A model)
Different rear subframe. Has the mounting for the rear brake master cylinder welded to the subframe. Not a bolt on aluminium part like the US version. Most other stuff is the same.
Better front forks, 41mm with pretty stiff springs.
Smaller gas tank (14litre).
Different styling (gas tank, light, saddle and whole rear), looks sleeker.
Rear tire made from butter. Good grip, but spent after 300km.
No tach.
No temp gauge, only a warning light.
The speedo shows correct speed!
The luggage rack will only hold 3kg. The factory says...
Better engine guard. Welded steel pipe and plate construction.
Steel rims.
Wierd emission control system where the idle mixture is controlled by engine heat! [Could this be a carb anti-icing system?]
I believe the wierd emission set-up is coolant hoses routed to the carb.
Steel rims should be a dead give away.
And I believe the KLX has 43mm diam. forks, not pos tho.
I know "C" models have a more straight out rear fender and the KLX has a slight turn down midway in it.
I have pics of both but can't post due to lack of # of posts. Sorry.

If its a "C", engines are the same except the carb. Bodywork won't interchange easily without a lot of mods. Haven't known of anyone swaping wheels.
Sounds like you have a "C". And no the c and x are not the same bike at all.
Wish we had more c's over here. Very hard to find. They sure look better I think!
Good luck!
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