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Hey folks,

I bought a Kawi Tall screen and Solobox risers about three months ago, used them on one trip, and am selling them. I have glasses and need laminar airflow over my helmet so that my helmet doesn't vibrate my glasses, blur my eyes, detach my retinas.....you get the idea. I have found the stock screen works best for me, so these are for sale.

I also have a front cowling for sale.....you know, the black part of the fairing that you cut the pointy parts off of so that you can mount hand guards or not impale yourself on when you put on a screen riser. Cowling is in great shape with the pointy parts cut off. This would be great for someone who wants a screen riser or guards and doesn't want to cut their own pointy parts off. The cowling damper is included.

Screen ships in original box and packing material. Both are in great condition as they are practically new. Cowling is also in great condition.

Solobox riser: $35
Kawi Tall Screen: $50
Front Cowling: $75

Prices are plus shipping. Pics attached...haven't taken one of the cowling yet but will.


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