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I have owned many rides including a Moto Guzzi Stelvio 1200 and Triumph XC800 but this KLR650 does make me smile every time I ride. I do not do freeways, even with my other bikes, is all back roads in north Georgia, Virginia and Tennessee, where most are a combo of dirt and single lane asphalt river roads.

I purchased just a few months ago as a left-over stock 2017 when heard they were discontinued. Easy to wrench on, semi lightweight, enough power (almost) and hear KLR’s do not break. And can get parts no matter where you are in the world.

Mods include farkles and actual better than stock add-ons – (I did not provide URL’s as they get changed)

* MRA windshield. $110 on eBay. The stock shield routed the wind right at my face. I like an open face helmet so was not working for me.
* 40T rear sprocket, same gear reduction as a 16T countershaft sprocket but did not have to go to the dealer to get the nut broke lose. As everyone says, best mod you can do and I agree 100%.
* Polished Excel rims. Friend wanted the black rims so was a wash almost in cost and I like the look better.
* Oversize floating front brake rotor and mount. What a difference, one finger stopping. Careful when 1st time test, easy to low side if use much force on the lever. $100 at Motosport, rotor and mount.
* Front fender brace. Actually works. I removed the black powder coat and polished the aluminum. $60 at JNS Engineering.
* Aux lights. I add these to all my bikes, breaks up the visual to drivers of a single headlight. Cheap insurance. See video but same on eBay for $40 for the pair, they are an in-between of spot and flood.
* Light mounts. Metal works friend of mine.
* Chain side case guard. Doubt the chain will ever break under 50hp (optimistic) but I like the look. $70 from BB Off-Road from Australia.
* Fatbar ATV handlebars. Same width as stock but about an inch taller. Had to pound nylon locking nuts into the bar ends to bolt up the stock bar weights, worked perfect. $100.
* IMS pegs. $95.
* Tusk folding, extended shift lever $25 eBay.
* Enduro Engineering skid plate. $125.
* Cortech tail and side bags. Been a fan for over 10 years of their products.
* Eagle Mike carb kit. $60.
* FMF Power Bomb exhaust. This is really the only add on that I think is just a farkle. I recommend save the money and stay with the stock header pipe. $180.
* Delkevic slip-on exhaust. I believe is the 14” part. Excellent quality, no color change after 1,000 miles. Good braaaaap sound but not too loud. $200 Amazon.

Only other upgrade I will make is adding 1”-1.5” PVC spacers to the front forks. I weight 170 but they feel soft to me. Assume a heavier weight oil would help as well. Let me know if any questions. See you on the road :)

* I need to wait until have 11 posts before can add video URL............


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