When I first got my gen 2 I went ahead and bought a tailgunner Universal slip on exhaust which must've been at least $250 at the time. Due to it needing a custom fab'd mid pipe, I also pulled the trigger on another $300+ worth of fab work and install labor for the tailgunner to find itself on my klr. Anyways, after at least a good year or so of it being on the bike I was just growing tired of how loud it was. So I got another slip on. Im selling this for $120 relatively firm since so much $ is in it. It will 100% make your KLR a one of a kind. I've never even heard of another KLR with a tailgunner. Attached are some pics. It's 120 plus whatever shipping cost (you can easily bank on it being around $60+ to ship cause its long and awkward). Local pick up 120 flat. Thanks! In no rush.

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