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RLF started this idea. As of this date, he has been gone for a bit but the map lives on.

This is the Google Map.

If you would like to be added to the map, please send the request to @schlim via a PM (that's the Conversation link in the box to the upper right that has your avatar in it). Send him as much information as you want put on the map.

Just your city or
Your city and street or
A special location such as a set of GPS coordinates.

Please send him your info in a PM rather than posting it here in the thread.

Feel free to make comments and suggestions in this thread.

And please join me in appreciating @schlim for being the keeper of the map!


Edit! As of August of 2020 the map went kaput (again). It is in the process of being rebuilt.
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Would you like to be moved into town?

Thanks! I hadn't thought of that; will do.

Mike and Jack, I got you both down.

Jack, I hope I got it right. That I-29 comes on into town and the 435 just gits inthe way of everything and plumb goes in circles. I think I found MO45 and I29.

I better figure out where the airport is and if I have to drive on that. I'm going to be at Lake City sometime this month.

Well, holy carp, look at that. The airport is right there where I can't avoid the 435 Circle of Death.

Later this month I'll be at the Lake City Ammunition Plant over in Independance. I won't be on my bike, though.

Norm -

The rules are "Ya gotta ask".

"I'll consider your post as having asked, as we certainly don't want you left off", Tom said listlessly.

You are in the middle of the pond in Donaldson Park.
After a paperless search for Charmin Avenue, I dropped your pin at the corner of 518 and Whipple Run Road.

I like Mexican food, so I put you just outside La Fiesta.

Good Mexican food is really good.
Bad Mexican food is pretty good.
"Horrible Mexican food will keep ya runnin'", Tom let out loudly.

I sure hope you like country music. You're at 7000 Squibb Road, home of 106.5FM.

"It's a little bit off the west end of town", Tom howled.

Done, littlejoe75.

I put you at Doc's. Figured you'd spend a bit of time there and might be found there clean and presentable.

Done and did, KLR 650 Adventures.


You're on the map.

Seein' how it it is Sattiday night I figgered ta put ya in Dover-Foxcroft, but that seemed cruel because, well, ya can't get theah from heah.

So I put ya in the Post Office over Blue Hill way.

You're fine.

It doesn't matter if you ride mostly road, mostly dirt, both, or just a bar stool.

It's like a campfire here. Pull up next to the fire. Join in or just sit and listen; it's whatever makes you comfortable.

I added your location to your profile and you're on the map.

There you go. I hear the chicken schnitzel is good...

You're at Wimpy's; it seemed like a good place for a burger.
1 - 20 of 163 Posts