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RLF started this idea. As of this date, he has been gone for a bit but the map lives on.

This is the Google Map.

If you would like to be added to the map, please send the request to @schlim via a PM (that's the Conversation link in the box to the upper right that has your avatar in it). Send him as much information as you want put on the map.

Just your city or
Your city and street or
A special location such as a set of GPS coordinates.

Please send him your info in a PM rather than posting it here in the thread.

Feel free to make comments and suggestions in this thread.

And please join me in appreciating @schlim for being the keeper of the map!


Edit! As of August of 2020 the map went kaput (again). It is in the process of being rebuilt.
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Kind of fun to see where we are all at, isn't it !

Even if, I'm apparently 'living in the Wilderness'. Close enough!
Would you like to be moved into town?

Nahh, That's Ok. I know I'm just a 'hick from the sticks'.
This Thread needs a "Bump"!

Tell us 'Where You are'! So Tom can show us where you are!
Hmm, that doesn't seem right. Do we have several KLR FORUMS! KLR650.nets forum? I get confused i guess.

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He is apparently one of many who read a Lot and says Very little. I see literally hundreds of 'Guest's' on-line when I check there. That is how/why I found those spammers!

But if he IS talking maybe we ought to be paying attention!
You have my attention, seldomseen. Whats Up?
Hey Tom its Tom. Im starting to feel because im not doing the road anymore wich im ok with now Im out of place. Amost wanna keep quite and collect info. Easyer said then done in my case. I really do enjoy getting to be involved. Almost blew $65 on wrong sise tire. Ooops. I just wanna build what i feel is the ultimate.
Edit your personal information with a little bit of info and tell Tom S. where you live, street and zip code and he will stick a pin in the members map.

Maybe you haven't 'clicked' on the blue Hi-Light on post #1?
HEY GUY's! Look over here!

Not everybody lives in the PNW.
WELL That Sucks!

I just went to the map and the 'balloons' have ALL lost Their Names, at least on my system. Does everybody else show anything but empty / white balloons?

If a moderator doesn't respond, I'll PM one this evening.
Well, my bad. Just need to click on the balloons. Sorry guys, was it always this way? Did I forget? Thought I remembered as one zoomed in they used to have name on them.

Oh well, I've stirred up some activity. :)
Would you like to be moved into town?

Yes Please.

Since we are no longer a franchised Kawasaki Dealership they can kiss my a**.
I'm usually found a 835 Main St, Lander WY 82520.

I'm mostly just stirring up a little Activity here for the Newer Members. :)
Added! I placed you right smack in the middle of town.
Done! You're on the map.
I thought that only an administrator or moderator could do that on the KLRForum Members Map?
I think it may be past due for my erroneous pin at the intersection of WY 789 & US 287 in Lander WY 82520 be removed, if you can.

My proper pin is already in-place at 835 Main St on the west side of town.
Perfect. Lynn Ary Park is in my neighborhood, just a few blocks away. Thanks.
That was one lucky throw of a lawn dart! lol
Greetings, fellow enthusiasts :)

I'm a bit surprised that there are no members in Germany.
I'm flat-out amazed that there are supposedly only two others in the whole of Europe.

I live in Postleitzahl (Post code) 12047, and my workshop is in 10997. (Both in Berlin).
Plenty of interesting landmarks to chose from in that area!

Most members never get around to requesting that they be added to the Members Map.
They also don't list their location in their personal information so it can be seen with the cursor hoovered over their name.
I don't recognize many national flags, including yours.

They could also include their location, model & year of their bike into a signature line, but most don't.

Used to be that there was a FULL alphabetically sorted members LIST available to us members. Was pretty convenient to use at times.

Now we have to actually Remember how to spell their screen name, not a full listing of members that I can find. :(

Here is a member at least living in Germany, member of many forums.
Ut Oh, now you are gonna' make me spell out "Tom Schmitz" everytime I want to reference our esteemed leader/Administrator! ;)
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