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RLF started this idea. As of this date, he has been gone for a bit but the map lives on.

This is the Google Map.

If you would like to be added to the map, please send the request to @schlim via a PM (that's the Conversation link in the box to the upper right that has your avatar in it). Send him as much information as you want put on the map.

Just your city or
Your city and street or
A special location such as a set of GPS coordinates.

Please send him your info in a PM rather than posting it here in the thread.

Feel free to make comments and suggestions in this thread.

And please join me in appreciating @schlim for being the keeper of the map!


Edit! As of August of 2020 the map went kaput (again). It is in the process of being rebuilt.
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Hillsboro, Ore., 97124.
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