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I met Kent at the Tour de Tellico KLR rally last month and discovered that he used to employ one of my old friends. After talking about his suspension business and the services they provide, we took off for a ride along with a whole gaggle of other riders. After a considerable time of taking it easy, Kent asked if anyone would like to up the pace. A few of us took off after him, but couldn't come close to staying with him. While he is definitely a great rider, he had to give some of the credit to the suspension upgrades that had been made to his bike. We all know that the KLR suspension is not the greatest so I listened with great interest as he told me his shop in Jasper could do wonders for my KLR.

As I was returning to the area in June, I made plans to drop my bike off at his shop and get the forks done and a new rear shock. Let me just say that this is without a doubt the best money I can remember spending. It literally transformed the bike. It now handles the bumps, dips, whoops and anything else like never before. Kent did the work on time as promised and took the time to go over all the adjustments, settings, and maintenance and answered all my questions. He even gave my brother in law and me a crash course on how suspension really works and how to use it properly. And to top it off, he called me the next day to get my feedback and to make sure everything was good and to see if I had any questions. I can't recommend him and his shop enough. Not to mention he's just a good guy and a great rider. If you want to get your KLR to the next level, check them out.

GMD Computrack- They're in Jasper, GA across from Home Depot on 5/515. 706-253-1148

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