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This is my home state ,and the Army has further plans with my wife before she can retire . So while packing house ,i splurged on a 2012 klr this saturday and picked it up sunday , loaded it up and went to mcdonalds for a happy meal and it fell over !! After saying some sweet words ... and wiping bike off looking for damage it does it again ...

I go right back to dealer, they say this doesnt just happen when it falls again when mechanic was looking it over ..Thier fix was trying to get a cheater pipe and vise grips to bend it .. yep good start ...

Hell or high water this trip is going to happen !

After a 2 hour lay over at dealer with a now kinked and bent stand im off .. i get 100 miles down to healy for a quick break and see a small group of klrs getting fuel and we chat for a bit and tell them of my short story with my newly broken in klr ..

As i get off ,one offers to keep his foot on the stand as his bike had just flopped as well lol ..
i get off, and run in store quick to pee and quick cold drink and walk out to see it fell over yet again lol ..my spotter forgot his chore and let it fall, this time on his bike breaking off his highway peg ! and pushing over my plastics a bit ..

I dont care anymore and all i can do is laugh and shrug it off ..Im doing this ride ..

I call my old army buddy and tell him im little less than half way there and he lets me know he is packed and ready to roll !

Now that ive just accepted the fate things start to go smooth and start enjoying the ride miles just flying by watching these amazing views and wild life while dodging rv's stopping and making crazy moves into traffic ..

A stop in talkeetna with 270 miles on the clock for fuel i didnt touch reserve ! thats a solid 54 mpg fully loaded down doing 65-70 mph whole way ..

not bad for not broken in yet .

I had opted for the taller windshield,Trax rear case and corbin seat it had on showroom floor glad i did made it feel so comfy whole ride .. what a difference over my 2000 klr ..

Iit dont feel as strong down low on the 2012 ,but pulls smooth at 70 mph at 4500rpm ..

After picking up my old Army buddy in anchorage we went out for dinner and pizza to talk over our plans .. Went into his shop and chopped 1.5 inches off the stand and rewelded foot back on ..no more falling over !!!!

The following morning we said bye to his daughter and we were off to Denali highway for some dirt and mud ..Boy did we get what we wished for !

It was raining hard and roads turned into slick deep mud ..

I was sure happy i read about a kickstand safety switch bypass just before i left ! ...

I hit a rock in the mud , and hit the center stand pinching off wires to switch killing motor everytime i put it in gear ..
So now my 2 day old bike had been cut wires with leatherman and duct tape !

How is that for a break in run ? lol

After a little quick splicing .[thanks guys] we were off in the mud with amazing views lovin life ..
after 140 miles my fore arms were so pumped i couldnt work my shirt buttons or hold hammer to stake my tent ..hands wouldnt work lol ..

My buddy Jed is riding a suzuki vstrom 650 with more street tires than dirt so he is getting a workout but never gets into trouble ,he rides it well . His mileage was almost exact as mine even in the dirt . Mine needs stiffer springs even unloaded it bottoms out easy ..

Made it to Tangle lakes and set up camp on the lake and start unloading to set up camp .. We had a nieghbor bring over fresh caught lake trout and over beers we feast ..

we even brought our bows and shoot and bs at camp till we pass out .

Following morning we pack up and have breakfast at Tangle lakes lodge and ride into one of the most beautiful rides in this state ..glaciers rivers waterfalls , mountains ,mountain goats ,sheep bison we hit almost 5000 foot above sea level then stopped for a snack at summit lake .. just a awsome place ..

Out pass Summit Lake a local fisherman flags us down and tells about a nice trail to a lookout at a cell tower site ,so we go for it and do a little more trail riding up to a awsome look out into the glaciers and river run off ..

After many pics and high fives we get back on the freeway and enjoy the warm sun and ride into Paxson and stop in Delta for some homemade icecream ..

Final stop of the day was a stop in North pole for dinner with family and we take showers and sleep ..

The following morning its warm sunny and 80* the last 370 miles into Anchorage flies by ,we stop in Wasilla to my favorite greek place for a cold beer and wicked calzones !!! A perfect ending to 12 great years so far here ..

Started this sunday with zero miles on the clock ..


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It looks like your friend has an aftermarket windscreen on his v-strom. It that a madstad adventure screen? Would you ask him what he thinks of it and what size it is?

Denali Highway is one of my favorites too. Great camping, great views, great sideroads...


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he is on the slope ,when he returns i will hook you up .. ill be riding back up to check on my renters and finish few things this june .. 2 more years and ill be back home .
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