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Hi guys, I know how annoying posts like this can be from newbies when you guys have been around for a while, but I searched through all the tech guides, and found mention of these mods but nothing specific. I know the standard response is USE THE SEARCH FEATURE I'm hoping you can just give me the link to the post describing how to do these. Thanks!

I have two mods that I would like to do to my 2006 klr650.

1. I want to put the brighter headlight bulb in it. When I see this mentioned on the forum, they just give two numbers to describe the bulb, two different numbers to describe the stock bulb, and I couldnt find anything more specific on it. Also, I seem to remember someone somewhere mentioning that you had to change the fuse to do this.

Also, I would like to switch to an LED tailight and running lights. Any specific parts that you recommend, or do I just buy universal parts from fleabay and make them work?

Lastly, as I want to do this whole thing on the cheap, and I dont have a welder or anything like that, has anyone mounted ammo cans or those aluminum milsurp food cans without any real fabrication equipment? While Im at it, anyone know of a source for the food cans in question (metamite... something like that)?
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