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"Thunder is fine. Thunder is impressive. But it is Lightning that does the work."
Mark Twain

Need specialty fasteners or hardware, like a left threaded ball pin bolt for your broken gear shift linkage, or metric torx flat head machine screws for your tupperware, or anything else equally arcane? I need to recommend a company named McMaster-Carr. Listen to this:

Yesterday, I put in a little order at mcmaster.com at eight a.m. from work and that order beat me home! McMaster's Lightning Courier delivered the package two and a half hours before I got there! All for only $4.50 shipping charge! I am in Dull-aware; McMaster is in Joisey; the shipping cost less than the bridge toll to get it here! Great googly moogly! Put mcmaster.com among your browser favorites. Some day you too may need that elusive little widget no hardware store carries.

McMaster left me enthused. Lightning left me thunderstruck.
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