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You might consider this alternative which allows one to "hang" and secure the helmet via its D rings...thus freeing up space in the top case.

I have on couple of the bikes and it is handy indeed and not very expensive OR maybe a bit expensive for what you get...I think they work well and worth it.
Granted, your helmet is exposed..and have heard at least one horror story of some low life cutting the Strap and taking helmet...of course rendering it useless or maybe just a D**k move?
Then again, those thermoplastic injected top boxes, the latches are not that secure...guess the old saying runs true...if someone wants it bad enough...they will get it / locks are to keep honest folks honest..

Comie..hhaha..man, I think they could have done better on a name?
maybe pronounced different that it looks...?
Just struck me as funny...moving on...

Still, it looks like a decent box, just big for my tastes, but of course to each their own.
Of course YOU know what you need.
I have seen some bikes with the top boxes HUGE..and to be fair..I have one I can use if need..it is actually a rigid plastic box..to big for me for casual rides..taking a long trip..maybe..

I use an Emgo (thermoplastic injection box) on my KLR for the 'round town and local stuff..I like the size, not too big..not too small...
Got it off Amazon, years ago..saw it the other day back ..in stock..price up..to around 90 bucks...

Speaking for myself..the bigger the top box, the more I am tempted to pack in...and of course, big weight up high not so good..

just my two cents..

Good luck on your search


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