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I have been looking to expand a little on my carrying abilities and I was looking at hard luggage options that would fit a helmet plus a small camera bag (body plus 2 lenses and a few batteries). I see plenty that are helmet sized, some that are two helmet sized like the Givi Outback 58 but I wasn't sure how that would work out on a KLR. Looks pretty yuge even on a GS in pictures.

I mean really, I guess if I could securely store the helmet then I wouldn't need one that large but I haven't seen too many options on that which I like. Rarely would I ever have a desire to lock my helmet up except when I run errands...where I live I doubt anyone would touch it but when I go into town...I definitely would like to keep the camera up top regardless just because it's too delicate to bang around in my soft saddle bags.

Any recommendations on something in between in size or experience with the Givi Outback 58L? I see Touratech has one of similar size but it's a good bit more expensive than the givi option.

I did come across some threads using pelican-like cases which could work too but I'd want to make it quick release...
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