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Looking to buy camshaft cap

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Finished doing some top end work, and while buttoning everything up I over-torqued the valve cover bolt snapping the bolt inside the cam cap. I need a new used cam cap and bolt. Im having a hard time finding anything as most people will only sell the entire top end. Looking for someone with a parts bike who will be willing to sell what I need? Let me know. Happy Riding

Thanks, Austin
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Eagle Mike will sell you replacement bolts, 40mm length with a flat washer works if I remember correctly. I don't think the broken bolt can be stuck in the cam cap.
I'm pretty certain he is needing a LH valve cover bolt, which does screw into the LH camshaft bearing caps.

I recon that he is lucky that he didn't strip the threads from that cap or from more than one hole.
People see that 12mm hex head and just Can Not Resist putting the bean squeeze to them, jeeze.

If Kawasaki had used a 10mm hex head this error would probably be less frequent.
An 8mm hex head would give an even better clue as to the lack of needed torque to seal the rubber gaskets, imo.
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Cam Sprocket Arrows are 'Perfect'ly normal. When the chain guide inside the valve cover presses down between the sprockets, the intake sprocket will level some.

This may be partly the reason for a twisted off LH cover bolt. The cam chain Tensioner needs to be left out of the engine UNTIL the valve cover with top guide is installed.

I usually just remove the chain tensioner CAP & Spring prior to even loosening the valve cover bolts. Rather than removing the entire tensioner & resetting. 2 less bolts to possibly miss-place or strip or forget to torque.
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