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I've been chasing a problem from Oregon to Alaska and back. The issue has me going in circles thinking fuel, then electrical, then fuel and back again. I've done everything I can think of. It's a 2009 with 13k miles. Here are my notes (with my thoughts in parenthesis)...


• It intermittently won't start. Does not appear to be temperature related.
• At idle it will cut out immediately as if I turned off the key, and won't always restart. It will compression start as long as I have a good long hill. (electrical low spark issue?)
• In the last few thousand miles the battery fluid ran dry once and about half dry a second time. (voltage regulator issue?)
• It sometimes runs very rough at low RPM's but runs fine above about 3500-4000 RPM (pilot jet?)
• At one point it would blow the headlamp fuse everytime I turned on the bright lights. Happened three times in a row. (voltage regular problem?)

I made the following "repairs":

• Visually inspected both carb jets. They looked fine, but it was on the roadside so I didn't have compressed air to blow them clean. The jets are Keihin jets, the main jet is a 145 and the pilot is a 40
• Replaced spark plug. Old one was black and fouled.
• Trimmed 1/4" off plug wire and rethreaded cap back on to fresh wire end.
• Adjusted valves.
• Inspected gas tank petcock filters, both looked clean.
• When it wouldn't start I verified fuel flow to carb by opening the allen screw and verified fuel came out of the bowl.
• Cleaned the K&N air filter.
• New Battery.
• I swapped out the voltage regulator from another bike and the high beam did not blow fuses, but it still cut out at idle and won't always start after. It will compression start on a long hill.

• I discovered that wiggling the wiring harness (that comes from the right side kill switch/starter) as it goes under the tank will kill the bike. I rerouted and secured it, and that issue seems gone and it starts fine. I thought it was fixed so I put the original regulator back on. It no longer blows fuses and started a few dozen times without fail, BUT after about a 10-mile ride the rough running at low RPM and cutting-out returned.

What the heck is going on? I don't know what to try next.
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