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The KLR is a utilitarian bike, at least for most people. Top cases range from dairy crates to high zoot 'adventure' luggage. Folks tend to install what suits their needs. As to adapter plates, most get along without them doing as Paul suggests by going with the existing attach points or creating new ones.

My top case ranges, as needs be, from a Cortech sport bike bag to a Chase Harper Alaska to either a large or small Seahorse case. I removed the stock rack and installed a CyclRacks rack, which is sturdy and flexible for mounting stuff to. It is also far stronger than the stock rack and accommodates soft side luggage and hard bags, with some dungeoneering.

Here's a read on how far some will go in the quest for a perfect top case:
The Case For A Case
The Case For A Case; What to do, what to do?
The Case For A Case; Nothing ventured, nothing gained
The Case For A Case; Seahorse Super SE540

Let your imagination run wild!
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