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This is my first post to the KLR Forum. After 2 years+ of researching (mostly online, but also with friends and others) and several test rides (including 650 Sertao and F 800 GS), I finally got on a KLR this past weekend and immediately fell in love. Seems like almost every article I've read has the same opinion/advice: you either love the KLR or not. I guess that makes me a lover, not a hater!

So, I'm now actively in the market for a new/used KLR and have 3 questions that I have not been able to answer:

1. If I buy used, what KLR odometer reading is considered "low mileage"?
2. Similarly, what recent year model included the latest updates on meaningful items like rear suspension capacity, or any other substantive feature or spec level? In other words, what's the earliest model year I should consider in the new used category in order to get the latest updates (decals do not qualify for me)?
3. Does anyone know what's up with fitting a hard-sided Top Case to the KLR? It seems like most of the major side case MFR's have missing adapter plates to install their Top Case to the KLR, resulting in a large number of KLRs that have mix and match side cases and top cases. Am I missing something here?

Thanks in advance to any KLR veterans who are willing and able to educate a newby!
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