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First a question: does the handlebar shake happen with your hands on the bars, or off the bars, or both?

A shake in the handlebars at low speeds (below about 35 MPH) is due to something related to the front wheel.
1. Get the front wheel off the ground and spin it by hand. Make sure the wheel runs true.
2. Carefully check the tire for uneven wear patterns, or out of roundness.

At 20 MPH, that’s too slow for wheel balance to be the problem. Wheel balance problems don’t show up until you’re above 50 MPH or so. Of course, if the wheel is out of balance, fix that while you’re at it.

Steering bearings or adjustment will not cause this problem at low speed either. But while you’re at it, check for looseness or too tight.

I’ll take bets it’s a bad tire.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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