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Put the 20" on yesterday and rode around and to work today. HUGE difference. I can ride with my helmet shield up and catch no wind at 50+ mph. Actually forgot once that the face shield was up.

I installed the 20" All the way down and angled the same as the stock windshield and no helmet buffeting. I'm 5'11" and sit tall in the seat. I could have ordered an 18" as well and been fine. The 20" only give you one direction to adjust in my opinion and that is higher.

I doubt you will go wrong with the 18". Unless you are very tall, the 22" would be pretty high.

I did get the rear brackets to stabilize the windshield and in my opinion it should be part of the package. This windshield would be bobbing all over the place otherwise. It still moves with the brackets a bit. I would hesitate to take this shield anywhere near any true off road terrain. Better to take it off and leave it home or store it in a large pannier while on the dirt.

I may look at finding something with the same curvature and trying to heat mold something smaller with some home depot plexi for off road use.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much more comfortable to commute with this sheild and the bike is far more stable in the wind.
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