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Michelin Anakee Wilds on my 2022 KLR 650 馃馃槏

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Tire Wheel Automotive tire Synthetic rubber Tread

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Synthetic rubber Tread

WOW. I'm in love with these new tires!

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Plant

The stock tires were just Ok. Plain Jane Not great anywhere. Just O.K. EVERYWHERE 馃槀馃憥 They would lead you to believe one thing and then SURPRISE MOFO!
After the stock tires I tried out the "Tusk adventure" tires... Man the quality control on those things is absolutely terrible ( some dudes love them). Mine were Downright DaNgErOuS above 60mph.. it took the dealership over 2oz of weight on each tire to balance and they still had high spots and lumps in the rubber that would tank slap you above 60mph. I thought I screwed up my bike somehow 馃槀
IMO stay away from Tusk tires if you are going over 60mph. But Under 60mph they felt pretty good 馃槀 The other Tusk stuff that I've tried has been good to go but not their tires. Hit or miss at best.
The good thing about buying my tires at Rocky Mountain Atv is their free shipping and the return policy. They didn't hassle me one bit about returning the Tusk tires. They paid for it all and completely refunded my money. Only took a couple of days. And they even filed a rebate thru Michelin for me & sent me the link to make it easier. I didn't even know they had a rebate on the Anakee's but the customer service is awesome from RMATV.

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If you'll notice the arched tread pattern. The front arched tread points to the rear and the rear arched tread points towards the front. With this tread design It's been said that these two vibrations cancel each other out. I can attest to the fact They are not nearly as knobby feeling at high speeds as they would appear to the eye. Some pretty cool technology in These tires for sure 馃槑馃憤

You can see the dawn dish soap was flinging out down the sidewalls from my recent tire mounting escapade. And yes that is a milk crate from Seattle 1977 with a couple pieces of 2x6 screwed thru it in the background that I use as a center stand. Very custom馃ぃ
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Locking hubs Tread

With my new eBay Fork Brace, trimmed down front fender and the Anakee Wilds I can now accelerate all the way up to 95mph+ 1 handed and it's totally stable. Without the fork brace and the trimmed fender it was about 80-85mph 1 handed with just the addition of the Anakee's. Before that with the Tusk's I was tank slapping with 2 hands at anything above 60mph馃ぃ even with the stock Dunlop tires 1 handed above 75mph was a challenge.
Y'all know It's pretty hard to hide a wobble or any instability at that speed on a KLR especially with 1 hand IMO. Also I mounted and static balanced the Anakee Wilds myself ( my first time ever balancing motorcycle tires 馃ぃ) to further indicate their superior quality control.
Now hold on to your hats, These are made in Thailand! Which I'll admit had me questioning my 馃挵 choice initially but the first ride put those doubts to bed.
This feels like a totally different machine. These tires feel like they are glued to the ground with the sticky icky. Hit the throttle on a back road and the rooster tails will fly! Hit the throttle on asphalt in a turn and rail right thru the curve like a street bike. It's like I've swapped tires on each different surface I encounter. Almost Like I've always picked the right set of tires no matter where I am.
Some folks are already set with their tire choices and that's awesome. But If you or someone you love are still unsure about what tires to try 馃ぃ and you want knobby traction and high speed stability at the same time then brother or sister these are for you!
These tires are Sofa King Cool I swear 馃挭馃槑馃憤
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Did you have to skip a mortgage payment to buy these? How much was the rebate? I've got a bit over 2k miles on my Tusk dualsport tires with about 50 percent left and I'll be ordering new tires soon. If the rebate is at least 100 bucks I'd consider these anaky tires but 350 bucks is a tough pill to swallow. The Midwest distributor is nearby my house and I've installed six 10 gig fiber circuits in their 1.75 million square foot facility. If i see these next time i visit maybe I'll see if they fit in a toolbag! haha. Glad you like them. 馃憤
Another option may be this tire in the front and a Dunlop 605 rear to keep the cost manageable? Both are bias ply so they should be compatible.
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It's supposed to be Anakee wild not anarchy wild! Texans... LOL. Stay out of the ER and have fun.
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Is that like saying, "I used to smoke allot of weed in the 80s, but now I don't care what temperature it is?" Asking for a friend...
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