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Ok.. Read through this with an open mind, instead of what you have pre-conceived about a motorcycle rally..

These are all smaller gatherings of people who love to ride motorcycle, drink a few beers, smoke an occasional cigar, and love to talk to other guys about motorcycles in general.. It doesn't matter if you arrive on a KLR.. You're WELCOME at these rallies!! You're also going to have to answer questions about what you've done to your bike, and about KLR's in general.. Chances are, you won't be the only person there on a KLR, either.:) And remember that camping will keep you safe if you have a couple beers.. Stagger to your tent and you're not taking a chance of hurting yourself, your passenger, or anyone else.:(

These are NOT drunk fests.. Get out of hand and you'll be invited to your own tent for a nap..
These are NOT parties with naked women.. They're 90% guys and the few women that are there are usually wives of the club members..
But what they are, is a gathering of 250-400 people who love motorcycling (not bikers) and are there to relax, eat, drink a bit, and talk to others about bikes.. Camping is included in the rally fee in most, and they feed you. Many sell beer cheaply, or a few actually include it in the rally fee.. Typical generic brews (MGD and the like) with a few 1/2 barrels of local micro brew tossed into the mix.

That said, here's my list of rallies that are in the Mississippi valley (excellent roads) and take place this summer.. I'm going to attend as many as possible..

Oh, and remember that many have "GS" rides.. Excellent chance to get the KLR out on some back country gravel and see some cool sites and excellent roads.

(and of course, I can't make the first one)
May 14-16
Madison BMW Club. Been around forever! My first motorcycle rally was with this club, 25 years ago!! Great bunch of people!! Check out the website for info..


May 21 to May 23, 201025th Annual Illinois Moto Guzzi Rally

Nine miles north of Oquawka, Illinois on west side of the Great River Road at Big River State Forest. Price: $25 before May 1st, $30 after May 1st, $5 for children 12 and under. Registration includes: Rally pin, rally cup, Friday night chili & brats, Saturday night smoked pork dinner, continental breakfast Saturday & Sunday, 24 hour coffee and cold drinks, hot showers, two nights tent camping. No electrical hook-ups. Also included: Wooden campsites, 50/50 drawing, door prizes and awards. Send rally fee to: Shelby Paschal, P.O. Box 264, Kirkwood, Illinois 61447. 309-768-1130. Questions: Stan Overstreet, 309-867-6705. For additional information, see rally ad within future newsletter.

(Excellent rally!! Roads are a bit boring, but the food and beer is fantastic, and included all weekend.. Nice flat and shaded campground.. Not the nicest showers, but more than enough to keep you clean.. I WILL be at this one)


June 4-6
Minnesota BMW Rally


I haven't been to this, but everyone who I know loves it.. Great riding area, GS ride, Saturday night steak dinner, etc..

I NEED to go to this.. I keep saying I'm going to go and never do..


Jul 9 to Jul 11, 2010Annual Iowa Moto Guzzi Rally

Elkader is in beautiful northeast Iowa, on Highway 13, about halfway between Highway 3 and Highway 18. The Park is toward the south end of town and can be seen and accessed from Highway 13. The first 250 registered will receive: rally pin, free tent camping Friday and Saturday nights, coffee, tea, lemonade all weekend. Friday evening catered beef dinner; Saturday morning pancake breakfast; Saturday evening Iowa pork chop dinner and Sunday morning rolls and doughnuts. (We are planning on 250 and this is the number our caterers have.) ALSO: Dealer displays, observation poker run, guided group lunch ride, swimming pool in park, rest and relaxation and scenic roads to ride. Area motels and hotels: Elkader Inn, 563-245-2020; Garnavillo Motel, 563-964-2214; Super 8 Motel, 563-422-3464; Franklin Hotel, 563-933-6054. Web site for other accommodations at www.barnonthebluff.com. (If these motels are filled please ask them for other recommendations.) Pre-register: Before June 25th, Adults - $35. Under 14 - $20. At the Rally: Adults - $40. Under 14 - $25. Person to contact for info or to pre-register: MGNOC IOWA STATE REP, George Vignovich, 6121 SE Fourth, Des Moines, Iowa 50315. Email: g.vignovich>at<msn.com. 515-883-0825. Make checks payable to: George Vignovich.

Never been to it.. I'm informed they try to KILL YOU with fantastic pork chops.. :) I should do it..


Aug 6 to Aug 8, 201026th Annual Wisconsin Moto Guzzi Riders Rally

Place: Lake Joy Campground. All brands are welcome. Registration is $30 before July 1, and $40 at the gate. We will feature Wisconsin's best grilled brats & burgers Friday evening, Dinner (probably not a pig roast!) Saturday evening and deluxe continental breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday mornings. As always, Wisconsin's finest refreshments, including soft drinks, will flow from the artesian taps. The rally fee also includes tent camping Friday and Saturday. Lake Joy is located in the heart of Wisconsin's "driftless" region - the area not flattened by the glacier. It is spectacularly scenic riding territory. The campground has clean modern restrooms and showers, and a 60 acre private lake (no fishing license required) with two beaches. The Wisconsin Rally is same as the first weekend of Sturgis. If you happen to be heading westerly from the east, stop in and spend the weekend. Tune in to www.wmgr.org for late breaking developments.

I've already sent in my pre-registration.. Great rally!! Excellent food, and great beers, clean showers, and a fun campground.. Great roads minutes away, too!!


Aug 20 to Aug 22, 2010Minnesota Moto Guzzi Rally

www.moneycreekhaven.com. Pre-register before July 15th $25. At the Rally $30. 18502 County 26, Houston, Minnesota 55943. Registration includes: tent camping Friday and Saturday nights; Friday evening meal; Saturday Steak supper; Saturday & Sunday morning Quickfix breakfast; coffee & lemonade all weekend. Area Motels: Money Creek has new rooms for rent, see website: Lokens Sawmill Inn, 888-791-9192; Americinn of Caledonia, 800-634-3444; Crest Red Carpet Inn in Caledonia, 800-845-0904; Windswept Motel, Rushford, 507-864-2545. www.houstonmnchamber.com. Send Registrations to: MGNOC Minnesota State Rep, John Ulrich, 3992 Stonebridge Drive, North Eagan, Minnesota 55123. 651-686-8816 or email: mn.staterep>at<mgnoc.com

Held at the same place as the MN BMW rally.. Again, I haven't been there, but they tell me it's nice. (Joe Walsh)

Aug 20-22
Galena Campout
Northern Illinois BMW Riders
We would like you to join us again to our traditionally Galena Campout, at the wonderful Palace Camp-ground, the oldest Camp-ground in Illinois, just one mile west of the historic town of Galena, on Rt 20. A big tent is the center of activities, where you can relax, meet other BMW riders and their friends, coming from far away and near places to have a good time. 50 Acres of Rolling landscape, a pool, clean bathrooms and other amenities are awaiting for you. On Friday, we serve dinner around 5 Pm. Come hungry. Early Saturday morning, Coffee and cake is served. Classical music quietly let you think what is waiting to do for you that day. Someone will lead a ride at 10 Am, or you get going and ride in all directions around Galena. There are wonderful roads everywhere. We do not serve lunch, but be back at 5Pm for dinner. The mighty Weber-Grill is packed with Chicken and Bratwurst and other tasty goodies. When it gets dark, you can in a circle of friends and BMW riders, enjoy a campfire. Perhaps we show you a travel movie, or you can share stories and lies of other happenings, what can only occur around Galena. Sunday morning Coffee and cakes are again waiting for you under the big tent, even before you must pack your stuff for the ride home. You can pre register by August 15 and pay only $ 15, per person Registration at the event is $ 20,per person. Contact person is Gerhard. 847 - 515 - 2638 [email protected] Please note that camping and RV sites is NOT included in the registration fee. You pay direct to the Palace campground office, The Telephone Nr is: 815-777-2466 Galena has many Motels too, if you rather stay in a Motel.
33) Aug 20

Haven't been to this one in years.. Eh.. I'll pass..


August 20 - 22, 2010
28th Dinky Dozen Mini-Rally Dinky Dozen BMW Riders #84

Make the trip to The Dinky Dozen's Reunion Mini Rally Friday Night through Sunday, August 22, 2010 at 4-H Fairgrounds, Pontiac, IL. Registration Friday 5:00pm - 9:00pm, Saturday 7:00am - 3:00pm. We're continuing our mini rally theme which is a great place to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. We are at the same great site for camping and rallying. Admission is $20 and includes camping, coffee, ice tea, hot dogs and Saturday night entertainment. For details Cathy Whitwood, 1220 W. College Ave, Normal, IL 61761, (309) 846-0042, [email protected] and Sharon Fulks, 509 W. MacArthur, Bloomington, IL 61701, (309) 828-0918, [email protected]

The Dinks put on a fun time, but I think I'll head to MN that weekend..:)

September 10-12
Wisconsin Dells Rally

Nice rally.. Even nicer if you're not into camping.. It's held at a resort with a big waterpark and such.. Not really my cup of rally tea. Used to be a big camping rally with 1100 people.. Now it's half that size and held at a resort.. Just not the same, but many people love it..

October 8 - 10, 2010
35th Anniversary Falling Leaf Rally Gateway Riders BMW Club #22

Join us for our special 35th anniversary celebration. The Falling Leaf is the premier Fall rally in the Midwest. Potosi, Missouri, 60 mi S. of St. Louis. Camping, firewood, guided gravel rd ride, observation run, 50/25/25 pot, field events, pin to first 600, door prizes, endless coffee & hot chocolate, rally shirts made to order, anvil blast Sat at awards ceremony. Fri night hot dog roast included. Pancake breakfast, lunch sandwiches, & BBQ dinner at reasonable prices from Lion's Club Sat on grounds. Several restaurants in town. Heated meeting hall open 24 hrs. Check website for motels. Vendors invited, no registration fee for vendors. Adults $22, children 6-12 $2, children 5/under free; day pass for Sat $10. No advance registration - everyone pays at the door on arrival. Take Hwy 21 S to Hwy 8, turn W through Potosi to Hwy 185, bear right on 185 to Lion's club grounds. Or, take Hwy 55 to 67 to Hwy 8 then W to Potosi. Info: Larry Floyd, e-mail at [email protected] or 314-892-7012. Before you call, check website: http://www.gatewayriders.com.

Another one I haven't been to, but should go.. If nothing else, just for the Anvil blast!! The take two Anvils and put a charge of black powder between them and try to send the top one straight up so it hits the other one when it falls, making them both sound off with a loud CLANG!! They've been doing this for years.. Can be cold at this rally, though..


I may add more to the list as I stumble across them..

Now for the personal opinion part of my post..

BMW rallies.. What can I say? They're BMW riders.. Chances are you're going to meet someone who shows no interest in anything that doesn't say BMW on it.. (aka-BMW Snob) The other 99% are good people, but I find them a touch boring.. (Remember, I have a BMW R80 and have been a BMW rider for 25 years, so I feel my observation has a lot of merit)

Guzzi rallies.. These people are freaks!! :) They're all about BSing, eating, drinking a few beers and BSing some more!! They're my kind of people!!
I've never owned a Guzzi, and don't really plan on it, but I can't wait to get to Guzzi Rallys to be with these people!! Good fun, usually very inexpensive rally that keeps you comfortable and your belly full!! :character00286:

If anyone's interested in attending any of these, feel free to reply or just show up and have fun!!
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