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Moose Racing Aluminum Handguards 2022 KLR650

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Replaced my stock handguards with the Moose Racing Handguards
Installation is pretty tight; you need to bend them too (I used a heat gun and a vice) but I think it's a nice upgrade and they are not overly expensive.
I also had to replace the M8 bolts supplied but my local Ace Hardware had 30mm Stainless Flatheads which might even be better than the ones included.
I didn't have to cut off the plugs either, no issues with either the clutch of the brake levers, although I think I am at the limit with the cables due to my risers

Time will tell but for what it took to bend these they definitely can take a hit
Let me know what you guys think and if you see any wrong: "Be better" :)
If you have any questions, feel free to ask

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I run these on all my dualsport bikes I buy but they're the enduro engineering branded one's. Same exact product. Nice and durable.
On my klr, I'm using the Tusk pros and like them. Anything is better than the oem wind deflectors.
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