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Hi Guys
New to this site just joined a few days ago.
I live in a small town on the West coast of Wales called Aberystwyth a cracking place for trail riding.
I'm thinking of buying a KLR 650 that has 13, 000 miles on the clock, it's a 2000 model and he's looking for £1500 for it, which I think is a bit much.
Any advice on any problems with this model would be gratefully received.
Many thanks

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Just do a search in the Generation 1 KLRs.
There's thousands of threads to read.
If that's 3,000 American it's too much.
Maybe half of that for a 15 year old scooter.
I would guess there is more available in a larger
town. Newer bikes with the same or less on
the odometer.

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