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New member here, saying hi and showing my project.

I purchased this gem a few months ago from a Craigslist crackhead on the east coast of FL. Its an '09 with a late '90s KTM fork that was poorly, as well as dangerously swapped on. We're talking zero engagement between the steering shaft and upper crown, soda can shims and whatever bearings he had. I assumed this when I bought it, and promptly took it apart to have a new steering shaft made, and it's all working out swell now, mostly.

I've changed most cosmetic things on the bike that the P/O had done. New light, fender, custom tank bag, footpegs, fixed the radiator that was essentially just hanging there, things like that. Still definitely not done, may use this thread to post updates for anyone interested.

Of course, there are other things that need to be addressed and buttoned up, but I dont mind wrenching and learning, hopefully with help from this forum.

Pics with KTM light/fender are how I got the bike.


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