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Found a 2015 leftover a few months back for a steal, and on top of it got a military discount. So i couldn't pass it up. At 75 miles i decided that i was going to tear it down and just do whatever i needed to right off the bat to make it mine.

Current Mods :
- KTM Military Mirrors (Wider, adjustable, taller)
- Bar Cushion
- Fork / instrument plate with integrated power and usb
- LED bulbs in cluster
- LED Taillight
- 16 Tooth Front Sprocket
- EM Drill Subframe Kit
- EM Doohicky Upgrade
- Schnitz 685 BB Kit
- JD Jetting Jet Kit
- Brass Manual Choke & Cable Delete
- Rox 2" Risers
- Uni Filter And 1" x 4 Airbox Filter Mod
- Moose Offset Footpegs & Springs
- Moose Extended Shifter
- AI System Removal (Octopus Removed)
- Nomad Crash Bars
- Richochet Skid Plate
- FMF Quiet Core Muffler
- FMF PowerBomb Header


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Welcome and nice to see a man after my own heart!....I did the same after i got mine secondhand with 3400kms on it, a week later or so, torn completely down also....enjoy and break her in right.
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