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This is my first dual sport bike. I have had several bikes over the years, really all cruisers and the like.
I have had my KLR for about a year and it has about 33K miles. It has spent much of the year on the rack getting alot of much needed maintenance. But, of course i never get to ride as much as i would like.
These are just the things i have done in the first year of ownership.
Oil change - always the first step for me.
New chain and drive sprocket - really worn sprockets and chain adjusted to the max
Clutch - Which turned into the Doo
KLX needle
Larger jets

Really need new brake lines and fork seals soon.

But all that said, I love this damn thing. Most fun bike i have had in along time. So much lighter than just about anything i have ever rode. Plenty of power for me, I dont really care about Hwy speeds. I hope to get many many years out of it. Now, i just need folks to ride with.
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