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Howdy all

I have not visited here for awhile, nice to see some old friends still around.
Some of you may be familiar with this, hopefully for most its new...

I've finally printed the reflective stickers I mentioned a while back
and have applied 'em to my bike.
As I do alot of hiway driving and roads at night I wanted to been seen better by the cages who seem too busy on the cell phones etc....
The fender was boring by itself so I like the arrow graphic, as it kind of dresses up an otherwise boring front fender.
The pin stripping really lites up the front faring and I also have some on the back of the bike too. There is also a flamming KLR on both sides.
the stickers are heavy duty and have a protective plastic coating on top,
so hopefully when I drop her the stickers hold up fine.
The pic is of my bike in the driveway with my car lights shining on it.
lights up pretty good eh!
I've also drawn up some RED arrows and pinstripping for the faster red klr's, as I have friends with the faster red colour and they seem interested in getting some stickers for their bikes too.
They were not that expensive to print either, just over $20 if anyone is interested.


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That looks pretty good, (for a green KLR anyway)
That is a good ideal to add reflectors, I'm all for anything that makes riding safer.
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