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Holy Crap! Thank you, Jason.

I tapped on the float bowl but when I turned the petcock on it overflowed again. I couldn't wait until tomorrow so I took the carburetor off and removed the float bowl. There was nothing obviously wrong. I put it back on and turned the petcock on and ...hey presto...it worked. I fired the bike up and everything worked like it's supposed to; the choke, everything.

I think we all learned a lot from this journey--I, about the importance of being thorough when cleaning your carburetor; and the rest of you, about the rich history of international measurement units.

Thank you all. I'm off to Colorado in the next couple of days for a week or so. A buddy of mine inherited a cabin in the Rockies that we're going to go check out. We won't be going by motorcycle. Apparently his Husqvarna isn't comfortable on long rides. We'll be going by Subaru Outback, sadly. When I come back I'm going to do the doo. Thanks again for all your responses. They really helped a lot.
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