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Hi, my name is Rexford and I am addicted to motorcycles...wait, wrong meeting.

I have been riding on the road since 1979. Started on Harleys, found BMWs in 1998 and had to learn how to ride all over again (also opened my eyes to a different type of riding). Then was introduced to dual-sport riding and started on a Honda XRL and moved up to the KTM690R. Due to a very bad back, am now riding an FJR and looking at something just to get out and do some easy dirt and throw some dirt touring into the mix. Not too familiar with the KLR but have been reading up on and going out to visit with the bikes. Really liking what I am seeing and hearing! Looks like a new KLR (New Edition) will be joining the FEEJEER in the stable.

Look forward to learning more from you folks and reading up on all you have to offer.

Have a grand day,

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