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Howdy everyone,

Before you read this message, let me add that I claim to know NOTHING and am in no way asserting myself as a KLR authority. I come here for help.

This is my second post on the forum. I still consider myself very much a newbie in the KLR world and really appreciate the information I've gotten from this community. I bought a 2000 KLR 650 about 6 months ago and by now have put well over 1000 miles on it myself. It's required a little bit of wrenching here and there but runs pretty well by my rookie definition. The bike has become my daily rider. I have no issues with the bike's performance, but I must say I'd love to improve the sound of the chirpy exhaust. I am not looking to bust eardrums, I just want a more appealing tone. I have looked at the Lexx MXe and FMF Q4 slip-on units. I've only heard them in videos so I don;t really have an appreciation for how loud they are comparatively. They are both in my price range, but I am not sure if I am considering all the variables.

I have never modified an exhaust system on a motorcycle and the last thing I want to do is mess up my powertrain with a poorly selected or installed exhaust mod. I've heard that exhaust system upgrades require a tune. I wasn't planning on changing the header to modify the power output significantly, but I don't know if the muffler will require an appropriate tune. I see guys on Youtube throwing new exhausts on their KLR's and riding off into the sunset without touching the carburetor, so maybe my worry about needing to adjust the tune is moot.

If you read this and have experience changing the exhaust on your KLR I would love any tips you have from your experience.

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The header does little. My Silencer post:
A subjective topic but to recap recent discussions;

I don't like loud but I've replaced the stock silencers on both KLR's for several reasons, namely; lighter weight (5 - 7 lbs), better tone, better looks. .....I wouldn't recommend it thinking there will be a noticeable increase in power, nor would I put much faith in manufacturer's that claim much in the way of HP increases (with no other changes).

After much research and some testing, I like the LeoVince X3 which is relatively quiet at 94db, doesn't require repacking (the only one that doesn't AFAIK, except for the ridiculously expensive Staintune out of Australia), looks decent and has a spark arrestor and USFS compliance. Runner up would be the Lexx with the optional trail insert; also around 94db but it does require periodic repacking. I also like the FMF Q4 but it is a bit louder (though still trail compliant) at 96db (keep in mind that the increase in decibels isn't linear).

There are a great many aftermarket silencers on the market that are far too loud IMO and you'd do best to avoid them.

Good luck,

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