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Hi guys, I'd like to say hi. My name is George and I signed up with my website name for obvious reasons but also because I want it to be clear who I am when I post something which I do in different forums. I am not a KLR owner (got a V-Strom and just sold my DRZ400s) but I like most things bike related.

The reason I came here today was to post a video about KLR 650's that I found from a vlogger that I follow (eveRide on youtube). I like his videos and I know myself how important it is for others to help get the word out so I thought, I'd take a few minutes and do the same thing myself.

I did do a search before posting and it seems that 650Stew beat me to it. I was hoping I'd be the first to post it. I like being first with things but of course, with the millions of people out there on social media, it's not often I get to be first. (I can't post links yet but it's in the off topic lounge and the post is called A video for your perusal :)

You can also look him up on youtube and look for eveRide

Anyway, I intend to ask at some point if it's allowed to post a sales thread and if not, I'll lurk in here and comment when I see something that catches my eye and to all of you, ride on :ride:

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