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I'm a 45-year rider, gone through lots of changes, street, play-dirt, MX, desert, trials....

Did a 6,000 mile tour on a 125 in 1969 (written up in Road Rider Mag.), now I'm mostly commuting and doing a yearly tour on a Concours, to Bonneville and on to Oregon to visit relatives (from NM). I do a web site (landracing.com) for some Landracing friends, but the thought of going that fast makes my blood run cold.

Also do trials (and a number of trials web sites).

On my trips, I've taken the Connie up into the hills for camping as far as I dare, but always wanted to go lots farther. Enter the KLR. I love back-country travel and camping, and the KLR looks ideal for that. I don't have one, but it's just a matter of time.

My BIG QUESTION is how the first-generation and the second compare, for someone mostly interested in gnarly backroads (trials, remember?). I'm sure either would be ok on the highway for me. I just need a reliable packhorse.

Any suggestions?

Bob Clancy
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