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Hello everyone.....In the last couple of weeks I sold an 89 Yamaha XS1100 I had owned for Twenty years, a sidecar that was attached to it that I've owned since 1973 AND my last 750 Honda, a Rat/Mad Max creation, that I'd had for 23 years.....yeah, Housecleaning is the right word. My regular ride is a 99 Kawasaki 1500 Drifter and I currently have a 1973 Honda Trail 90 that I drug from the back and put on the repair stand. There's also a Honda Ascot back there, too.

For reasons unknown, I jumped into Craigslist and today picked up a 2008 KLR with the intention of running around town and dirt roads, being at least 300 lbs lighter than the Drifter, it feels like a bicycle to these 65 year old bones.
It doesn't appear to "need" anything, but I'll be cruising the Forum for information.

Mike in Battle Creek, Michigan
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