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Greetings Riders ,
I have been spending alot of hours trying to get my KLR running and some help from more experienced riders would be , hopefully , a puzzle solver in this one.
First of all my bike is a KLR 650 Tengai 1991 (Gen 1)
I had a no spark problem so i decided to buy another klr for spares since it was a good price. Owner said he bought it at 2005 the bike looked like an 00' but it sparked and this was all i wanted.
After replacing my CDI , Coil , R/R and stator with the "00's" ones i still got no spark.
Decided to test the wiring harness on mine , so i connected only the necessary and got a spark so i got to the decision of ditching my wiring harness for the other one.
Once i finished installing the harness... No spark yet again.
Called in a friend with a multimeter and measured the voltage on the Black and Black/Yellow wire connected on the coil , we got around 20 pulsing volts.
We both thought the coil was fried so we tested again with another coil , still no spark.
We then tested the coil on another bike which surprisingly started at once.
What could be the problem? Do you guys have something to suggest.. I am really feeling lost in this one after spending around 12 hours connecting/disconnecting things and searching for bad grounds or connections.

Thank you in advance!!
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