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Just got a used 2009 KLR-650. It's black, with 7k miles, and in excellent condition.

I've been riding since around 1970. I've mostly ridden Honda dual sports in the woods, and have owned a couple of Harley Davidsons over the years.

I developed some major back problems in 2008, and had to give up hard dirt riding, so I sold my Honda XR-650. As for my Harley Superglide, it caused the rider to pretty much sit on ones tailbone, causing more back pain, so I sold that last summer.

So this year I decided to look for another dual sport that would seat the rider in a more upright position. I mostly plan to do some light cruising on the back roads, and hope that my back will hold up. Definitely not going to be doing any crazy hillclimbing, jumps, wheelies and mudholes like I used to. Looking forward to getting to know the KLR, in a very mellow sort of way. Wish me luck.
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