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Well, on Saturday when I was riding home from work, the bike felt rather 'disconnected' with the road. When I got home, I noticed the rear tire was kind of flat spotted and the front one had some significant cupping. Hey, they had 8500 miles on the stock Bridgestones, it was time for some new tires.

I put on a set of the Metzeler Tourance tires, and on the ride in this morning, the bike felt so much more stable. I normally ride through some sections of road that have had grooves cut into the concrete for water drainage. The Trail Wings did a little dance on that section. The Tourances just rolled over the same section of road.

On the front is the 110/80VR-19 and on the rear is the 150/70VR-17. I must admit that I had a certain level of anticipation this morning. After buying this set of tires, I have heard a lot of complaints about headshake with the Tourance front tire. I don't know which tire y'all are running, but I'll say this, the one that is on the front of the bike is rock solid. My Concours was fitted with a set of Avon ST45/46 tires and I have had nothing but a miserable time with those tires. The first time I rode it, the handlbars almost shook out of my hands as I passed 48 mph. Kind of got my attention. I was looking for the same thing this morning, but there were no hints of this happening. I'm happy.

Hopefully, I'll get about 10,000 miles from these tires. We shall see. Now I've got to start keeping track of them.
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