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I just got this:

2000 Husqavarna CR125
• World Region: Europe
• Manufactured in: Italy
• Model: CR125
• Make: Cagiva
• Body Style:
• Drive Type:
• 1-Cylinders
• 2-Stroke
• 125cc

Wasn't really looking for or needing a non street legal dirt bike but.....A friend of a friend had a death in the family years ago and this was in a storage space they were paying for along with a KX100. So my buddy was picking up the KX100 and I decided to go along and worked out a work/trade deal. Now I have to figure out if I want to sell it right away or ride it a little while, although I don't a pickup or trailer to lug it around.

Either way, OHV park is near my house and I should give er a run before I figure it out, just need to get a truck or trailer to haul it over there.
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