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Aaahh Phoooo! You had my hopes up Toney.

Question, are the saddle bags as cantankerous to remove and reinstall on the 1000 LT as they are on the 650 LT?

Oh and your title caption says Versys 100. Made me say, whaaattt?
Maybe need to edit or not.

Maybe Kawasaki should take the Z125 Pro and create a Versys 125 LT.
Complete with narrow briefcase sized saddlebags! The headlight of the Z125 looks sorta' like the older Versys.
ps, I see you got the edit done, but I like my idea above.

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Aaahh Phoooo!
I had my "hopes up" too! Only rode it home from the dealer 40 miles to date! It was cold and I wanted to get my heated gear plugs installed before adding up miles. We had temps in the 60's coming a couple of days so I was waiting for that. Well,,,, that went south fast as my temp went towards 101 those days. Sucked big time! Oh well,,, going to Florida in a week or so anyway. Looks like 60's to 80's during the day while we're there. No curves or hills but warm! Taking both bikes, Trailer, RV, food, dog and last (but not least) wife with her NC700X (that I can outrun now) for 12 days or so. Feeling better now after antibiotics and Docs made a few bucks to keep their lights on. All is ok. Gave me some time to research and wire up some stuff between coughing fits, sit back and reflect on why I should keep the front wheel on the ground (for a while anyway). I was having too much fun for an adult. >:)

Yes, the saddle bags come off really easy. Turn the key and pop up this lever up and they slide off. That's a good thing because I have to get two bikes in a small enclosed trailer so they have to come off. Looks like they have room for a bunch of speeding tickets.

I saw the typo and I don't think I can fix the caption. I've made bigger mistakes and a post without a typo looks fake anyway ;).

Funny what you said about the 125. When I bought my Versys there was one sitting right next to it. Same color. Make a great little campground / neighborhood bike.

Thanks for the sympathy. It looks like I'll ride it from the garage to the trailer and then off to Florida so all is good
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