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1000km's in 2 days. Or if you're crazy you can do it in one day. It's called The DB1k or Dusty Butt. I'm on contract over here so I did it on my 2007 red KLR 650. Limited to 150 riders and famous in New Zealand if you're an adventure rider and have got the guts. You see a lot of NZ on and off road but 15 hours a day in the saddle you don't have time to really take in the sights as much as just a regular ride.. There is a map you have to follow. There's no meandering!

Here's my video of my experience

well it wouldn't let me post a link because I'm a noob here. Go to Vimeo and look up My Dusty Butt 2014, or just add this after vimeo site address.

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