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This one's a toughie! The visibility of objects in such bright twilight — just 15 minutes after sunset — is exaggerated here. Bring binoculars

A day later, Venus and Jupiter have crept closer together and the Moon is thicker and higher. You'll still need binoculars.

Venus and Jupiter reach conjunction, with the Moon now much more easily visible high above them. Dont forget the binoculars.

Thursday, February 18

It was 70 years ago today that Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto.

Friday, February 19

After dark look just to the right of the Moon for the stars of Aries. Look much higher to the Moon's upper left for the Pleiades.

Saturday, February 20

The Pleiades sparkle above the Moon this evening. Off to their left is the Hyades cluster — much larger, looser, and dimmer but highlighted by bright orange Aldebaran.
You dont need a Large Telescope to check out the Stars and Universe use those binoculars... You'll be amazed.
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