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Hi guys:
I want to get a regular event going so to speak that many of us can get to and enjoy the local trails and shoot the breeze around the campfire afterwards. We have been going to the Bancroft area now for a few years and have found a nice trailer park from where we base our daily rides from. It has good services and we get a great group rate. This area is somewhat central to the Ottawa riders and the Toronto riders, so we should be able to get quite a good turnout I think.
I would like to do both a spring run and a fall run next season as long as we get enough interest in both or either one. At the moment we do a late summer ride there and it is great. We get around 10 or so riders show up to ride the trails and enjoy the camping side of it. BUT there are cabins and trailer to rent if you are so inclined. The main part is to join in and have a good time etc.
There are trails that range from the easy hydro trails to the hardcore nutbar trails that I'm not good enough for any more......lol. So there is something for everyone.
It will be a loosely organized event with no actual adgenda, just a group of riders all coming to a specific location to enjoy the area on our bikes. I don't care what you ride as long as it's street legal seeing as that is needed to get from trail to trail etc.

Again, there is great riding from twisties to gravel to hydro lines to serious mud filled trails to ride on.....yes depending upon the weather and if it has been a dry one like this summer, where most of the mud locations have dried up it seems. Even the ATVers are having a hard time finding the mud they usually love to wollow in.
I have been off roading in this area for decades and have always had fun, whether on bikes, in Jeeps or on ATVs....it has it all.

I hope to see some of you there next year......I'll post up a time as we get closer to the date.....I'll give everyone plenty of warning to be able to get the Boss's permission and also permission from work if you need to take a day off to either get there or get home later.

Again...I think it should be a good event and hope to see many familiar faces.

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