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Well, I went and did it - bought the Transformer suit.

First off, I have to put in a plug for the dealer - Brown Motor Works in Pomona, CA.

I looked all over the net for a good place to buy on-line. While there were plenty of places, I found Brown's website and thought maybe I should buy from a brick and mortar where I could try the suit on.

They had a pretty complete line of Olympia stuff in stock, and all sizes were on hand. The sales guy was knowledgable and helpful and insisted, after I had the right suit size picked out, that I sit on a bike to see how it felt. He invited me to sit on any bike in the showroom. Brown is a BMW dealer - I sat on them all...

The price was very reasonable - so much so that my wife was egging me on to buy a replacement for my winter suit, and she said if she had to replace one more damn zipper in that thing... she wouldn't.

This weekend our weather was warm enough (75 - 80 degrees) to get a good feel for the suit.

Running down the freeway I was pretty cool at 75 degrees. Sitting at a prolonged stop light with the sun beating down on me, I was very comfortable. In my other suit I'd have been baking. I think this suit won't be good much below 60 dgrees, but it's just what I need for our summer temps.

As far as construction goes, I am impressed. Though it is made in China (what isn't these days? heavy sigh) the construction is first rate. The materials are name-brand - Cordura, Scotchlite, YKK - which is a real improvement over my other suit. That one is made with no-name zippers, which have been a real bummer.

The thing has pockets a-plenty, so storage is good in both the jacket and the pants. It has an arm pocket with pen/pencil slots, as well as a phone/mp3 player pocket in the right place.

The neck closure is secure and comfortable; I've had problems with other jackets in this area. The pant closure around the boot is a good sized patch of velcro that holds well, and the zipper goes clear up to the knee.

Both the arms and legs are cut generously long - almost too long for me in the case of the pants. Nice.

The armor is of good quality and adjustable for position. The suit comes with knee, hip, elbow, shoulder, and spine inserts.

The pant legs and jacket arms zip off easily. I can see a good reason and use for the pant legs zipping off - come zooming into camp in hot weather, kick off the boots and zip off the legs and you're in a stylin' pair of shorts. Can't see much use for the arms zipping off, but it does make a nice vest for around the campfire, I guess.

Tom "Sonny Crocket"
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