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Inspired by the Angry Owl post in another forum. This is a true story and happened in Great Britain.

A guy who lived in town was a bird-watcher who had a fascination with owls. He would go out in his yard at night and make hooting noises and one night an owl hooted back. He was thrilled. He would go out in his yard night after night and make his hoots and the owl would hoot back and he enjoyed it a great deal.

The guy died and after the funeral his wife was gathered with all his relatives, friends and neighbors, remembering the guy, eating a meal and telling stories about him.

His wife shared the story of how he communicated with the neighborhood owls. One of the neighbors heard the story and told the guy's wife that her husband had done the exact same thing.

They started talking more and comparing stories and it turned out that both their husbands went outside at exactly the same time and did their owl hoots and both wives started laughing when they realized that it wasn't owls hooting back at their husbands, it was just the two guys making hooting noises at each other from their neighboring back yards.
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