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Would someone be able to get me the Kawa part numbers for a speedo cable (the internal cable) and the speedo drive (the bit with 2 tabs that rests against the wheel bearing).
We're in El Salvador and need to order em up.
Much obliged
"View Parts Diagrams" on http://www.kawasaki.com (Motorcycles/Owner Info/Parts Diagrams) should lead you there, as well as the fiches hosted by the various parts vendors (e.g., Bike Bandit)..

Not trying to blow you off, but . . . performing your own research, you'll find the exact part for your model and year; also, from the exploded parts diagrams, identify the exact part you seek.

Is the "speedo drive" you refer to AKA the "winged washer?" These components can sometimes be flattened back into shape (please, don't ask me how I know this! :) ).
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