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In the real short term planning stage, not even sure if it can happen.
I still need to arrange one work day exchange.
This will be a short up-n-back Sun/Mon ride.
I will be riding up the I-5 from Vallejo, then to Redding and on to
Big Bend (299).
The plan is to leave here Sun. at way dark 3-5 am to get a jump on heat&traffic.
Camping will be on PG&E property but the camp spots are not to big,
enough for a couple riders. No services at all, just trees, water from
springs. Big Bend had a store last year so ice, cold drinks, and gas should be available.
Be warned that there can be LOTS of snakes, it is prime habitat and BIG fish.


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On the way in.

The water supply

See the little river down there, it isn't little.

Camp site, developed now with a official fire ring.

River view, downstream & upstream

I have a few more images but these few describe the area well.
The road in is a normal fire road surface, scraped with a thin layer of crushed
pea gravel.
The forest service now has a developed pay camp ground about a 1/2mi further
down the road but in the KLR spirit I pulled into our old free spot.
The developed FS camp has toilets but no water source I could see, just paved
flat spots with tables and a tent area not really different than the day use area.
The road however is paved from about 1/2 b4 our free spot and ends about a 1/2mi.
beyond the FS camp area, all together about 1.5mi. total I'm guessing.
My total was 580 mi., fuel mileage was 48-50mpg with my fat ass and camp load,
not bad.
About a 6hr. ride to get there with fuel stops and winding road.
I returned at night, my work hours keep me up anyway so why change.
The return was Mon. early AM. and I was facing the lightening storm
from about Willows all the way home to Santa Rosa.
I 1st saw the storm from about Willows and just caught up to the edge
of it about 10 mi. b4 the 505 joined hiway80. got a few drops on my shield
but that was about it. I was very lucky the storm was just in front of me all
the way home.
I was not happy riding those just wet roads at 2AM.

The ride up was not to bad, just HOT and some wind.
I heard it was well over 100 so on the road it must have been 10-20 degree's

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Wish I'd seen this sooner. I was up on I-5 in the Mt. Shasta area this past weekend and was hoping to find someone to camp with, as I don't find camping alone to be that much fun any more.

Of course, my KLR is in about 50 pieces right now, so I was in the car. That killed a lot of the fun of the trip for me too.

Beautiful shots! I'll have to check that area out some time.
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