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In my introduction I said there would be questions from the noob..

Last weekend I met my Brother in the Black Hills for some dirt adventure. We had a blast riding about 275 miles while exploring the back country. Some of the areas my Brother had never been to, so it was fun being the guide.

A couple issues came up that you more experienced KLR owners maybe able to answer.


His bike quit at about 80 miles....like it ran out of gas. He cranked it, choked it & it wouldn't fire. He turned on the reserve & it fired right up. A 1/2 mile down the road he switched back to the main & it ran fine until about 180 miles when it quit again. While still moving he reached down & turned on the reserve & it fired right back up. As soon as it was running he turned it back to the main & never had it do it again. He's checked the vent hose...it has no kinks. He removed the vacuum valve & finds nothing out of the ordinary with it. It sure appears to be a fuel problem, any ideas?

At the end of the second day, we swapped bikes. (I have a borrowed Russell saddle, that I knew his bottomside would enjoy) I noticed his bike was much more responsive than mine. When twisting the throttle, on mine, it seemed to labor to gain RPM. It wasn't anything drastic but, was noticibly different. When we got back to the cabin he mentioned the difference too.

Both bikes have had the 22 cent mod, drilling the slide, & pilot screw adjustment. When I got back home & went for a spin, mine was fine, just like it shoud be. Altitudes there were 3000-7000 ft. here at home it's 1550 ft. Indication is it was a touch too rich. Should I need to be leaning the mixture, by removing the washer on the needle, for these altitude changes?


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