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This mod will allow you to turn your Rad.fan on when ever you need it.
The best time you need it is when your in hot weather or running at low speeds on a trail.

The last one I did cost about 10.00 to do.

Parts needed:
Togal switch, on -off two prong.
Two elc. clips for the switch.
One wire conector for inline tap.
Foot or two of 16 gage wire.

I'll use my bike as a sample (94 KLR).
My bike has one wire runing to the sending unit in the rad.
Fine a place on the dash or some place you can reach with ease and mount your switch.
Connect one side of the switch with a clip and foot of wire to a ground on the frame.
Connect the other side of the switch to a line tap going to the sending unit.

It's just that easy..... Now turn your ign. switch on , eng. not running. You should be able to turn the fan on and off now.

If you have a two plug connector on the sending unit, on the rad. Just tap both lines at the rad. and run them to each side of your two prong switch.

You do leave the stock wires on both set ups pluged into the sending unit.

Even if you leave the switch off the system will still turn the fan "on" by itself when it reachs operating temp, as long as the system is working as it should.
If the sending unit goes bad and the fan will not turn on you can still turm it on with the switch. This of course is as long as the fan is not the problem.
Also, if you leave the fan switch on when you shut the bike off the fan will stop running until you turn the ign. switch on again.

This cheap mod will save you hundreds of $$$ in head gasket repair if the fan system (ie. sending unit) should fail.

Please excuse the poor typing skill's. I'm a better mech. than I am on the PC.

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